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Send Photos and Letters from Anywhere!

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office has partnered with LIAM Safe to make sending photos and letters to an inmate in the Suffolk County Correctional Facility a breeze!

THEN: You take some photos, have them printed at your local pharmacy, pick them up and pay for them, pack them up in an envelope, head to the Post Office, pay postage, and wait for a few days to see if your loved one has received the photos.

NOW: You take a photo, click this link or go to, select the photo, pay and send. Your photo prints out at the correctional facility and is delivered to your loved one THAT DAY! No trips to the Post Office, postage, or packages lost in the mail!

LETTERS: Visit and compose your letter. Make the payment and click send- it's that easy! No more going to the post office or delays in the mail. The letter gets delivered to your loved one THAT DAY!

Cost: $1.19 per photo; letters: $0.60 per page.

All rules regarding photos in the Correctional Facility apply. Inmates are limited to 15 photos. All extra photos will be placed in the inmate's property. All photos sent to the Correctional Facility are subject to review. No photos pornographic in nature will be delivered to an inmate.

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