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Investigator Captain Christopher Guercio

Deputy Sheriff Captain Christopher Guercio is the Commanding Officer of the Sheriff’s Office Enforcement Bureau which provides the services of civil enforcement and patrol of Gabreski Airport. In addition, Captain Guercio is the Commanding Officer of the Grants Bureau, the Quartermaster Bureau, and numerous community and department programs.

Captain Guercio is a 26 year member of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. He joined the Sheriff’s Office in June of 1994. Captain Guercio began his career assigned to First District Court and transferred to the Civil Enforcement Bureau in June of 2000. In 2004 he was promoted to Sergeant, supervising both First District Court and the Civil Enforcement Bureau. In June of 2014 he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Enforcement Bureau where he was appointed Commanding Officer. Captain Guercio received his latest promotion in September of 2018, remaining Commanding Officer of the Enforcement Bureau along with the responsibilities of the additional commands.

Captain Guercio received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Dowling College.

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