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Research & Development

Research & Development

The Sheriff's Office has developed an organized system of information storage, retrieval and review which is part of the overall research and decision making capacity, relative to both inmate and operational needs.

This bureau facilitates decision making, research and timely responses to inquiries. It is concerned with the total flow of data that reaches the administrative staff to assist them in planning future policy and direction and to control resources and activities.

While the primary goal of the Research and Development Bureau is to provide statistical, legal and budgetary information for use in making management decisions, the bureau is also designed to perform five distinct functions:

1. Coordinate and Formulate the Office’s Annual Operating and Capital Budget Requests
2. On-going Sheriff’s Office research;
3. Information for Administrative/Management decision making;
4. Inmate population statistics; and
5. Rapid response to ad hoc inquiries.

Collecting statistical information about the inmate population has long been a responsibility of this bureau. Using the inmate population and other data collected, this bureau is responsible for refining and analyzing this information in order to assist in identifying specific problem areas and broad correctional trends. These research endeavors have provided critical feedback and will create a broader, more solid base on which to develop correctional policy. The bureau consists of a Lieutenant and a Principal Clerk, who are responsible for completing all of the tasks assigned to it over the course of the year.

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