Community Assistance

We Care About Our Community

Under Sheriff Toulon's leadership, the mission of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office has been to become the best law enforcement agency in the nation.  The Sheriff's Office of Suffolk County is steeped in historic significance. For more than three decades, the Office has been dependable agency serving the people of Long Island. 

Sheriff Toulon has placed great emphasis on security and safety in our communities.  One of his first acts was to create an Intelligence Bureau tasked with combating gangs and human trafficking.  He has also emphasized performance management and analytics -- ensuring that the county's taxpayers are well served.  

The correctional facilities have also undergone significant change since January 2018.  Sheriff Toulon has led the effort to make correctional counseling and rehabilitation a priority.  He has pledged that all inmates will receive transitional assistance from day one, and that people, including family members, will have access to an array of human services. 

The Sheriff's Office also offers community assistance in schools and communities. You can find a lot of information on the website by exploring the tabs in this section.

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


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